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The first step is to fill out the form below. After the form is submitted I will reach out with an email with a quote.
If I need more information to give you a quote, I will reach out with an email as well.

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Are there any extras you would like for your head?
Type of hand paws- Please select the number of fingers, as well as fleece or silicone pawpads, and whether you would like claws.
What extras would you like for your handpaws?
All feet are built on comfortable shoes for ease of wearing and are currently soled with anti-fatigue mats.
Please Provide a Height measurement (This measurement is used to get an estimate for fur yardage and has no impact on deciding whether I take a commission or not)
Please provide chest,waist, and hip measurement (Inches preferred)- This is used to get an estimate on fur yardage for the suit. (This measurement has no impact on deciding whether I take a commission or not)
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Link the reference sheet for your character here. At a minimum I require a front and back view reference without shading.
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Any information you would like to add about your character (facial expression, personality)
By clicking I agree you are assuring me that you are 18 or older. If it is found at a later date that you have lied and are under the age of eighteen then I have full right to cancel the commission with no refund for the time and material used on the project. *
This is for legal purposes as well as sizing issues. Many young adults continue growing and I would hate to make a piece for someone to have them not be able to wear it a year down the road.
Please read the TOS and answer the question: According to the TOS what is the first policy under Payments,payment plans, and refunds? *
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