CS 451 Quiz 26
Photo OCR and machine learning pipelines
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What is Photo OCR? *
Some stages of a machine learning pipeline may not involve machine learning *
In what sense is pedestrian detection easier than text detection? *
In order to detect objects with varying scale (e.g., pedestrians at different distances) in an image using a sliding window detector, we *
Why do we use a "stride" > 1 pixel for a sliding window detector? *
Which of the following stages of the Photo OCR pipeline could be solved with a neural net classifier? Check all that apply. *
Which of the following is NOT a good way to obtain a larger training set? *
"Ceiling analysis" tests the potential performance gain of each stage in the pipeline by *
What are Andrew Ng's last words in the last video? *
I ranked at least 20 movies on the movie ranking survey by noon today *
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