301. Accreditation Application
Application of ATEA accreditation process for individual programs at member institutes
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[Accreditation Procedure]
1. Submission of Accreditation Application (This form) 아태아 인준신청서 (본 서류) 제출
2. Prepare Self Evaluation Report (see No.12 at Accreditation Manual) and following requirements 자체 평가서 (인준 메뉴얼 12번 항목 참조)와 아래 구비서류 준비 및 제출
3. Accreditation Team Visit 인준팀 방문

*For more detail, see the accreditation manual

**Required Documents

1) Accreditation Application (This form) 인준신청서 (본 양식)
2) Self Evaluation Report 인준을 위한 자체평가서 (ATEA 양식)
3) Catalogue, which includes:
- Mission and Vision
- Statement of Faith
- Curriculum set of programs and courses
- Requirements and prerequisites for admission
- Introduction of administrator and faculty with their resume/CVs
4) Organizational chart, articles of the corporation, by-laws or other principles of operation
5) Financial report
6) Facility profiles
7) Annual plan of school activities, student body projects
8) Survey of alumni's ministry engagement, participation to their alma mater

At the moment now, for we are not fully working with Google G-Suites, uploading at Google Forms is not permissible. Please send logo picture of your institute through email: admin@ateahome.org.
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