Franklin Public Library Community Library Card Scavenger Hunt - October 1-31, 2020
Using the clues below, locate the library card signs in Franklin. Record the location and color of the sign on this sheet. Once completed, bring it to the library and be entered to win gift cards to Franklin businesses.

BONUS! Clues for bonus questions are found by scanning the QR code on the library card sign. The answers are in the linked information. Answer all bonus questions for an additional entry into the drawing! Sheets must be returned to the library by 4pm on Sunday, November 1 to qualify for a prize entry. Return to: Franklin Public Library, 9151 W. Loomis Rd.
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1) This park just got a facelift with a brand new building *
QR CODE BONUS: What building can you see from a distance?
2) Here you can sail a ship or ride a frog, or walk along a nature trail. *
QR CODE BONUS: Who is this park named after?
Question 2 QR Code
3) Come get your brunch on and enjoy the tasty beverage that is their namesake. *
4) Known in the 1940’s as New York City’s Skid Row, this famous street is also the name of a Bar and Grill in Franklin. *
5) This natural area sits behind the school it’s named for. *
6) Pamper your pooch with some TLC for an hour a day or overnight! *
7) This restaurant was a former American Legion post and keeps that Friday Fish Fry tradition alive. *
8) Head west from the Water Tower on Puetz and this next stop is “slice” of heaven. *
9) Toss on your dancing shoes and get ready to leap into the arts at this next stop. *
QR CODE BONUS: How did this establishment begin?
10) Posoh. Boozhoo! Shekoli. These words mean hello in the native languages taught here. *
QR CODE BONUS: What are these 3 languages?
11) This park is behind the school named for the road it is located on. *
12) Get a boost of power to start your walk or bike ride. *
QR CODE BONUS: Who established the village of St. Martins?
13) Finish that walk or bike ride here. *
14) This peaceful and serene building is an example of mid-century architecture, completed in 1968. *
QR CODE BONUS: Who is the architect who built this building?
15) Make a “Trek” here for a new set of wheels or to tune up your old one. *
16) Na Zdrowie! *
17) Named, in part, after the “king of herbs”. *
QR CODE BONUS: What two countries’ cuisines are featured here?
18) You may not be in the Yucatan, but this place tastes like Mexico. *
19) Enjoy a walk, play a sport or ride on a swing, or simply listen to the wildlife that populate this place. *
BONUS: From the sign by the wetlands – name three types of wildlife that populate this area.
20) The giant columns frame the end of this journey, but the beginning of thousands more! *
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