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Please review the Awaken Dane Program Information Page ( prior to completing this application.

The application deadline has been extended until June 10th or until the cohort is full. A Pastor orientation will happen Thursday, July 14th. Pastors will then meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 10am-12pm starting in September.
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I have read the Awaken Dane Program Information and understand the purpose and goals of Awaken Dane. *
Describe your Congregation with a brief description of demographics, attitudes, leadership, and anything else you think would be helpful for us to know. (Please limit your response to 2-3 paragraphs) *
What are some of the signs of vitality in your congregation? (for example: a pastor committed to adapting, a legacy of community engagement, recent growth, the presence of young adults or young families, active small groups, or a significant percent of members living in close proximity to the church building.) *
On its current trajectory, is your congregation financially viable for at least five years? *
Why are you interested in Awaken Dane at this time? *
How do you hope Awaken Dane will impact your congregation? *
How do you feel about building friendships with and discerning alongside pastors from different theological and denominational expressions of Christianity? *
I feel confident that we can recruit 6-8 congregation members to participate in a Congregational Team. (Congregation members will be committing approximately 3-5 hours per month 9 months. Their commitment will include meetings every other month with their pastor, time for homework assignments, and time set aside for plenaries or group meetings with other churches in the program on the opposite months. The ideal congregation members to recruit should be a good representation of your congregation and willing to connect with the neighborhood surrounding your congregation.) *
I am willing to make time in my calendar and spiritual life to prioritize the work of Awaken Dane. (The pastor’s commitment to this program is approximately 5-7 hours per month for 9 months. Their commitment would include meetings every 2nd Thursday of the month from 10am-12pm with Awaken Dane coaches and other pastors, meetings every month with their congregation members [though some months will be 'off'], time for homework assignments, and time set aside for plenaries or group meetings with other churches in the program on the opposite months.) *
Are there other churches nearby or that you’re connected with that you’d like us to reach out to and invite to apply? *
We are limited to 10 congregations for each cohort.  We may not have room for all congregations who apply. Your application may be accepted for the current cohort, deferred, or declined.  I understand that our application does not guarantee acceptance into Awaken Dane.   *
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