Making Things a Little Better: Creative Design Contest to Improve Spaces at Uni (duct tape optional)
Uni students are incredibly innovative. That's why we are seeking your ideas for creative ways to improve the physical spaces at Uni without waiting for 'more money.'

In fact, by coming up with a creative solution you could get money, $250 to be exact. We appreciate all submissions, but the owner of the best idea will be nominated for the Wylde Q. Chicken award, putting them in the running for real cash at the end of the year. For more info (

Additionally, the Uni PFO will initially select 2 of the best proposed solutions and work with the students to pursue that solution. If many great solutions are proposed, the PFO will, over time, pursue as many as possible.

The deadline for submissions for this year is APRIL 9TH!

However, the form will continue to be open for students who will be returning in the fall!

Please share your ideas by answering the 3 questions below. Thanks!

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1. What improvements would you recommend for the physical spaces in Uni? What changes could be made that would make it more comfortable or more functional or both? No suggestion is too small (e.g. repair the broken latch on one of the bathroom stalls).
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Now, expand upon your suggestion. Why it is needed? Does this need take priority over other needs? Who is affected by this problem? *
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2. For your suggestion, we ask that you also propose an innovative solution (beyond spending money). Solutions should be something feasible that you and your classmates could achieve with the support of the PFO (e.g, advocacy, small amount of money to get started, connections to organizations that might donate supplies, etc). Proposed solutions don't have to long-term solutions; a temporary fix, until a long term solution can be achieved, is fine. Feel free to include an example image or weblink.
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Elaborate on your solution. Tell us all of the details that will be necessary to make this happen. If you don’t have all of the information that's okay, just tell us how you plan to obtain that information. *
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3. What resources would you or someone else need to generate your solution? Make a list (your best guess is fine).
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4. Any additional comments? (including ideas on ways to get more people to use this survey, or ways to improve the survey itself!)
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Thank you for sharing your ideas! Together we can make small improvements that will make Uni spaces more comfortable and functional. If you have questions, please email
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