Programming Application for New DJs 103.1 FM
Please submit via Google Forms or download below and return filled out FRONT and BACK to box on Program Director’s Door (Brown Building, Room 308)

Please answer all questions - if a question does not apply to you, enter N/A.

General Information:
Applicant Name (First & Last):
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Date of Application:
Driver's License Number:
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If you do not have a Driver’s License, please list another form of ID that you do have:
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ID Number (if you do not have a Driver’s License):
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Important Phone Numbers (home, work, cell, etc.):
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Email Address (e-mail you check the most):
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Have you been a DJ before?
If so, when/where?
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Are you currently enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (This may affect your eligibility as UNCG students have priority)?
If so, when will you graduate, and what is your major?
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How did you learn about the station?
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What is your general interest in working for WUAG?
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Things We Want to Know:
WUAG plays primarily underground and independent music. In your own words, define college radio and underground music.
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What bands fit under these categories?
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Do you understand that as a disc jockey, you may be asked to play a variety of music (specifically through a rotation of albums chosen by the current music director)?
Do you agree to adhere to the policies and protocol set forth in your future training, WUAG Policies and Procedures Manual, and WUAG board members?
Are you aware that this is NOT a paying position?
Are you willing to commit to a weekly, unpaid show?
WUAG is very active in the community and we put on about one concert/event a month. These concerts/events are a part of our “WUAG Presents” series. Participation and attendance of DJ’s is strongly encouraged at these. Would you be interested in attending these?
Things You Should Know:
If you are interested in working in any other fields (i.e., News, Sports, Productions, Promotions, Music) feel free to contact any of the board members:

Programming: Gabriel McNair
News/Sports: Kate Ellis
Social Media: Nikki Yopp
Promotions: Chelsea Korynta
Music: Carly Kimzey
Productions: Ethan Golden
--- Or contact our General Manager: Matt Kerr

Due to the popularity of getting a radio show sometimes the only option is to become a co-host with another DJ. Would you be willing to co-host with someone whom you don’t know?
If you cannot become a DJ for any reason, you CAN be placed on a substitute DJ list and work for DJs who cannot attend their regular time slot. Would this be an option for you?
WUAG remains open most holidays and vacations. Are you willing to work during these holidays?
If so, which ones?
Please list a reference (WUAG employee or otherwise) and their contact information:
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Are you available for an interview and/or training during the office hours posted by the current Program Director located on door of Brown 308?
If not, what times are you available?
(Please fill out a show request form with your availability for a time-slot.)
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Do you understand that after your training you will be held responsible for your actions as a DJ and employee of WUAG according to the rules of the WUAG Board Members, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and the Federal Communications Commission as stated by the WUAG Policies and Procedures Manual (or otherwise)?
Is there anything else you would like us to know? (Optional)
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Signature of Applicant:
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If you encounter problems filling out this form, please contact Matt Kerr via email ( or by phone (336-334-4308).

Thanks for your interest in WUAG. We appreciate all of the support and awareness in our surrounding community.

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