What was the name of your flat?
I'm interested in collecting stories about named flats in Dunedin New Zealand for a book I'm writing about this aspect of student culture. Your contribution can be acknowledge or anonymised, but any comments included may be used in future publications including the book, papers, articles, or blog posts related to the project.

Every flat name has a story, you can be part of the project by sharing your story, or help fill in missing details. I'm interested to hear about:

the names of flats
how they got their name
if there were signs, what they were made of
who lived in the flat and what subjects did you study
when you lived in the flat
what were the important issues at the time you were studying

You're welcome to submit your photos to flatnames@gmail.com or share them on the Facebook page. You retain copyright on your images. https://www.facebook.com/DunedinFlatnamesProject

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