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Emory’s vision is to be a model of transformative practices and sustainable choices at every level. Given Emory University’s 2025 Sustainability Vision and commitment to divert 95% of its waste from municipal landfills and to make all events zero-municipal landfill waste by 2020, a University-wide policy is circulating to define infrastructure and behavioral changes necessary to achieve these goals. Education, outreach and engagement are critical to making these efforts successful and to showing national leadership in protecting our neighborhoods from the negative social, economic and environmental impacts of landfills.

The Zero Waste Ambassadors program seeks to convene a motivated group of Emory community members who are actively promoting a culture at Emory that prioritizes reducing and diverting waste in all decisions that we make as individuals and as a community and helping to guide Emory to a post-landfill future that is accountable to our surrounding communities and to future generations.
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