Discovery Questionnaire
Hi! How awesome of you to take the first step towards excellence for your business. You've come to the right place. I'm going to ask you a few questions that will really help me focus in on your business; where you are now, where you want to be, and what your pain points are so that I can create a strategy to solve them.
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Email *
Before we begin, how did you hear about me? *
What's your name? *
Ok let's dive in, tell me about your business. What industry are you in? *
The more precise, the better.
What is it that you do? What are your responsibilities? *
How long have you been in business? How many people are on your team, or are you a solo biz owner? *
Why do you want a website or a website redesign? *
Do you currently have a website? *
If so, what's the URL?
And if you do, what's one BIG thing that you want your site to do, that it's not currently doing?
What are some websites that you like? *
Maybe it's competitor sites, or just websites that you think have elements that might be useful for me to see.

Also, just as important (maybe more) are any websites that you don’t like, and why. 
What do you want your new site to do for you? *
Get more sales online? Want your phone to ring more often? Want to nail down new clients?
How are getting those things going to impact your business? *
What are your key objectives with this website? What are your big online goals? *
In your experience and opinion, who is your target demo? What does your desired avatar look like? *
Age group? Size of company? Gender? etc.
How are you going to measure its success? *
Leads? Sales? Traffic volume? Enquiries?
What ROI are you aiming for in the first 12 months? *
(ROI = Return on Investment.) In other words, what will you get back that will offset the cost of hiring me to build your new site?
How do you currently stay in touch with your clients? *
How often? Do you think that’s a good level of contact? Do you get much interest back when you get in contact with them?
What other functionality would you like your website to take care of for you? *
Some answers may be; email marketing, sell products online, e-commerce, a blog, newsletter subscription.
How important do you view this website is in your business’ marketing mix? *
Not very important at all
Super important
Can you tell me what your ideas are for the content inside the site itself? *
Ex., the things you want to talk about, what kinds of services/products you'll offer, will there be a blog, a FAQ's page, etc.
Copy (all of the words on the site) is really important for the process. If this is a brand new website, do you have someone that is dedicated to writing all of the copy? Tell me a little about the plan.

If this is a website redo, do you plan to use (more or less) the existing copy? Tell me about it.
Are you familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when it comes to creating content? *
It's ok if you're not, this is a big part of post-launch and I will guide you through the process if you're so inclined.
Do you want to have full control of your website once I’ve launched it for you? *
Who will take care of the website after we go live? *
Do you have a webmaster or are you looking to me to make post-launch changes or edits? I offer a really great maintenance plan, post-launch.
How are you going to announce your new website? *
How are you going to promote the website after we launch your site? Would you like me to help you with marketing your site?
What kind of timeframe are you thinking?
Websites typically take 3 - 7 weeks depending on the content and scope of work. Do you have a specific date that you want your site to be complete?
And the final million-dollar question…what is your budget? *
Websites *start* as a $8,000 investment. They vary greatly in regards to deliverables, but 8k is a good starting benchmark to see if we are aligned with regards to budget. If we've already discussed budget, just disregard.

I'm not the cheapest, but I'm certainly not the most expensive. I deliver agency-level quality, but I don't have to pay to keep the office lights on, or pay rent for a building. My flexibility is what makes me attractive to most of my clients. Websites should always be considered one of the best investments you can do for your business, it is 100% a pay-for-what-you-get type of investment. Having a great business but a bad website is like driving a Maserati with a Kia engine.
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