Questionnaire for Teaching Staff
The overall objective of RIPEC project is to recognize problems and solutions in order to adopt innovative procedures and tools for dealing with emergency management of Erasmus mobility.

By filling this form, you agree to participate in this Questionnaire, which means:

a. You read the RIPEC Project explanatory sheet and you understand the aims of the project.
b. You are aware of the topics that will be discussed in the Questionnaire.
c. You are fully aware that you will always remain anonymous throughout the data collection’s process and that you have the right to leave the Questionnaire at any point
d. You are fully aware that you have no obligations to answer to any of the questions, and therefore declare that you partake in the project voluntarily.
e. You are aware that the information provided will be anonymous and that from them it is not possible to trace the identity of whoever provided them.
f. The data collected will only be used for the purposes of RIPEC project’s elaboration of materials.
g. You are aware that any information taken from the Questionnaire and used outside the project – for example to provide evaluation results or indicators for the project funders or as input to academic journal articles – will be published in aggregate form and will contain no references to any individual.
h. You give your consent to participate in the RIPEC Questionnaire.

In relation to this Questionnaire:

a. You agree to be interviewed by the researchers.
b. You agree to the digital storage of the filled and anonymous Questionnaire
c. You acknowledge that:
i. your participation is voluntary and that you are free to withdraw from the Questionnaire at any time without explanation;
ii. the Questionnaire is created for the purpose of research;
iii. any identifiable information gathered in the Questionnaire will be (I) collected and retained for the purpose of this project and (II) accessed and analyzed by the researchers for the purpose of conducting this project;
d. your anonymity is guaranteed, and you will not be identified in publications or similar without your express written consent.

Thank you for your participation!

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