EWTP Guest Attendance Forum
Date: 5 pm 31st January to 5 pm 1st February at the MIT Endicott's house.
In an intimate and confidential environment, this funded workshop will seek to foster collaboration and consensus between technology, engineering, and policy making through several discussions. Policy makers, MIT professors and students, industry representatives, and social and NGO representatives will have the opportunity to come together and examine tangible issues. European policy and current technology will provide contextual examples, but ideas from this workshop will be applied more broadly.

Participants will consider ways to encourage and envisage intersections and collaborative approaches, as well as making use of technological advances, to problem-solve issues of the era. Each session, which will include a presentation by an expert and a discussion, will result in a paper of recommendations and guidance.

The final result of the workshop will be one published, written document expanding on the connections and methods of collaboration that can and should be utilized. This document will be shared at a public symposium organized by the MIT European Club later in 2020. Findings will then be placed into perspectives of events and situations arising in this year, and in future contexts.
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