Ethlyte 1st Airdrop
Ethlyte :The next best thing- .


Aim: Empowering our community members with our tokens :

Amount: Depends on quantity of applicants .

Number of Candidates: 1st 500 candidates that followed rules ( airdrop is open, keep sharing with your contacts)

Note: Please apply only once! More than 1 application will lead to blacklisting

Crowdsale: Here is the link to buy our tokens at discount price : and be whitelisted for our bounties -contact us via telegram: if you have any questions.


1) Join us on telegram:
Note:Dev will physically confirm your ID via our telegram group ..if you did not join us on telegram, you will not be paid!

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4) Share this form on (at least 3 times on cryptocurrency groups) either Facebook,twitter , telegram, G+, Reddit, Linkedin or Steemit .

Important: Do you want more Ethlyte tokens? then join our bounty and follow rules:

Some useful links:

A) How to create a Bitcoin wallet plus Ethereum ERC20 wallet and Join our Crowdsale :see link :

B) To open a secure bitcoin and Ethereum wallet account see Coinbase (very safe)
and or Luno

C) Link to our reddit Page :

D) Link to our crowdsale page with discount : (you will be paid bounty if you buy there)

E) Link to our Facebook Group:

F) Link to our Linkedin page:

G) Want to get our updates? then Go to footer section of our website : and subscribe to our news letter

Note: by joining us on telegram, you agree that admin will ban you without warning if you Fud or share any links (scam, spam, phishing or personal links) on our telegram group.

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