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IPSF is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-religious international federation of pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences students and students’ organisations. We represent more than 300.000 pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences students and recent graduates in 87 countries worldwide and we are the leading international advocacy organization for pharmacy, pharmaceutical students and recent graduates promoting improved pharmacy education, professional development, student exchange and public health through internships, public health campaigns and other projects.

You can know more about the Federation by reading the IPSF Booklet in the following link:

Benefits for Individuals
All the individuals who are members of the Federation (via Member Organisations, Individual Members, Alumni, Friends of the Federation and Honorary Life Members) have the following benefits:
- Attendance at IPSF Official Events
- Participation in the Student Exchange Programme
- Leadership opportunities as part of the IPSF Team
- Publication opportunities in our regularly released IPSF Newsletters, and Phuture, our scientific publication
- Professional Development opportunities through Leaders in Training and Patient Counselling, Clinical Skills, and Compounding Events and Competition
- Internship opportunities with partner Organisations, such as the World Health Organisation and International Pharmaceutical Federation
- Engagement in improving public health with opportunities for campaign organisation and implementation on a local level, and the ability to join the IPSF Delegation at the World Health Assembly and other World Health Organisation events;
- Engagement in international affairs and issues impacting pharmacy students with the ability to attend select United Nations events
- Invitation to join the International Pharmaceutical Federation’s World Congress, with special rights as a student
- Grants for attendance to events and participation in the Student Exchange Program;
- Opportunities to engage with partners at professional events.

Steps to Become an Individual Member

1) If you are part of, or can join an IPSF Member Organisation, it is the easiest way to get involved and connected is to join your country's current Member Organisation, if there is one. If you don’t know or you need assistance with contacting your country’s Member Organisation, please state it so we can support you;

2) Verify that you are a student or graduated on pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences for less than 4 years in order to be eligible as an Individual Member. You have to send a digital copy of a valid proof of eligibility, to be checked by the Individual Membership Coordinator;

3) Fill out this Form, paying careful attention to these instructions;

4) The IPSF Treasurer will issue you the invoice with the right amount to be paid. If you are applying for SEP, you may request the to add this value to the invoice. If you don’t hear from the Treasurer, please inform us to facilitate. Only transfer the money after hearing back from the treasurer.

5) Send payment, it must be clearly written (For who and for what). As soon as the Treasurer confirms your payment, you will receive a Confirmation Letter. The Individual Membership Coordinator and the Chairperson of Internal Relations can then take care of any membership questions you may have.

The Membership Fee varies according to how many years you are applying and also it depends on your country´s classification in the World Bank List.
According to IPSF Official Documents:

10.4. Annual membership fees for Individual Members:
10.4.1. The fee for Individual Membership is based on the annual World Bank list of economies and its country classification to High Income, Upper Middle Income, Lower Middle Income and Low Income countries according to the countries’ Gross National Income per capita. The countries are classified in four groups and the individual membership fee for each group is:
10.4.1.a. Low Income:
10.4.1.a.i. One year fee = 20 Euro
10.4.1.a.ii. One year fee every year thereafter = 15 Euro
10.4.1.a.iii. Four year fee = 60 Euro

10.4.1.b. Lower Middle Income:
10.4.1.b.i. One year fee = 25 Euro
10.4.1.b.ii. One year fee every year thereafter = 20 Euro
10.4.1.b.iii. Four year fee = 80 Euro

10.4.1.c. Upper Middle Income:
10.4.1.c.i. One year fee = 30 Euro
10.4.1.c.ii. One year fee every year thereafter = 25 Euro
10.4.1.c.iii. Four year fee = 100 Euro

10.4.1.d. High Income:
10.4.1.d.i. One year fee = 35 Euro
10.4.1.d.ii. One year fee every year thereafter = 30 Euro
10.4.1.d.iii. Four year fee = 120 Euro

10.4.2. Discount yearly rates for Individual Members as per Article 10.4.1.a.ii., 10.4.1.b.ii, 10.4.1.c.ii., and 10.4.1.d.ii shall only apply directly following a one- year initial membership as per Article 10.4.1.a.i., 10.4.1.b.i., 10.4.1.c.i., and 10.4.1.d.i. If an Individual Member wishes to apply for more than a one-year membership fee, then the discount rate will automatically apply. If the Individual Member has not paid their yearly membership for the year before but has been a member in the past, he or she will need to pay the one-year fee again.

(ex. if you apply for 3 years + SEP, you need to pay the total amount all together)

Thank you for your interest!

Last update: 17/09/2018

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This cannot be more than your eligibility length (4 years after graduation).
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Please note: 1 - There is a Student Exchange Fee of 42 Euros for each year you apply. You may decide to participate at any time throughout the year. 2 - If your motivation for IM application is solely to participate in SEP, and you are eligible to be a member of an existing IPSF Member Organization, your application for SEP must be through your Member Organization.
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Images, documents or PDF files that prove that you are a pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences student or a recent-graduate up to four years, with max of 10 Mb - This will be checked by the Individual Membership Coordinator
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