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In order to be nominated at EroAward 2019 and be part of #EroAwardArmy, you also have to be registered first to vote here and to vote at least 1 time. Only after you are registered to vote, you can also fill this form.
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EroAward, like any award in the world, including the Oscars, is a BUSINESS, so I agree to treat it as a business (seriously)! I understand that EroAward is based on Votes and reciprocal promotion, so in exchange of being nominated for Free at EroAward and taking part in EroAward Market for Models & Promoters, I agree to promote my EroAward nominations in the social media accounts (at the top) and sites that I will add here (below). These accounts & sites will all be added on the Promoters List on EroAward sites & networks. If I want ALL my social media accounts, personal site(s), etc. added to this list on EroAward site, without any obligation to promote my EroAward nomination at the top, I can get it with Premium nomination & listing (100€/1 month; 400€/6 months; 600€/12 months). If I want to stop promoting EroAward nomination in 1 or more of my social media accounts and sites that I listed here, or if I delete those accounts/sites, or they were banned, I promise to contact EroAward team and inform them about it If at any moment, I decide to leave #EroAwardArmy Promotion System and/or EroAward nomination, and/or Market for Models & Promoters, for a limited or unlimited period of time, I promise to contact EroAward and inform them about my decision. If I choose to also promote my nominations at other awards beside EroAward, I will treat all the awards nominations equally. So, I will never give less importance to my EroAward nominations. I understand that failing to respect these terms, may result in my elimination from the #EroAwardArmy Promotion System & Market, EroAward sites, social media accounts, groups & networks, curent EroAward nominations, as well as from any future nominations.
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Do you promote mainly or only Goddesses (females and/or trans) and promoters from Financial Domination fetish?
Only or mainly #EroAwardArmy?
Do you want to promote only or mainly #EroAwardArmy models & promoters? If Yes, you will get extra promotion, more visibility on our site and networks and you can also be nominated at "Best EroAwardArmy Models Promoter".
Sites & social media (with number of followers)
Where do you promote models? If you have sites or blogs, please write them. And for social media, write the social media, the name (and the number of followers, or likes, friends). Write ALL your sites & social media. Example: (21459)
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Sites & social media where you promote #EroAwardArmy
Where do you promote #EroAwardArmy on top & models? If you have sites or blogs, please write them. And for social media, write the social media, the name (and the number of followers, or likes, friends). Write only the social media & sites where you promote #EroAwardArmy. Example: (21459), (179)
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Do you (want to) sell your services?
Social media promo? Profiles on cams or banners design? Video editing? Other services? If No, leave it blank. If Yes, please write your Offer, Prices and Payment methods. Example: A) 3 tweets per day on and 2 posts per day on, for 1 week, 10 euro. B) 6 tweets per day on and 4 posts per day on, for 1 week, 20 euro. C)... Payment methods: Paypal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Moneygram, etc.
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Do you want to come to and EroAward Gala, on 23 November 2019, Spain? *
More info on and If you want to come, please register here:
In case you win a trophy, what will you do? *
Do you know to use bitcoin? *
How do you prefer to communicate with EroAward? *
(THIS INFO WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED ON THE SITE, is only for us!) What is the easiest & fastest way to communicate with us? If you prefer an email, skype, whatsapp/viber, etc, please write it.
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What you think about AWARDS? *
(THIS INFO WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED ON THE SITE, is only for us!) Which you think is the best award in the Adult industry and why? At which awards you participated? What is the value of an award for you? What suggestions you have for EroAward?
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