West Virginia Trans Coalition

The West Virginia Transgender Coalition is a grassroots organization that works to ensure the wellbeing, safety and lived equity of all trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive community members within the state of West Virginia.

Comprised of trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive community leaders, we educate the public; advocate at the state, local, and systemic levels; and through collective action, we mobilize community, engage in community building, and advance community wellness and prosperity. We are hosting our first virtual meeting on Friday, February 10th @ 7pm. If you are interested in joining the WVTC, please fill out this brief form. Upon completion, you will be sent the virtual meeting link as we near the meeting date.

Please note, WVTC members must be 18+ and identify along the trans, nonbinary, gender expansive spectrum

If you are a cisgender person or ally and want to assist with the WVTC, please email the WVTC and we will be in touch.

For more information, contact Ash (they/he) or Sam (he/they) at wvtranscoalition@gmail.com or Facebook: www.facebook.com/wvtranscoalition

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