Making Referrals to WIC
Allies for Children, Just Harvest, and the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger are working to improve access to WIC. Medical and healthcare providers have been pivotal in helping families access WIC and we would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on your experiences with WIC.
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What type of practice do you work for?
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How strongly do you agree or disagree with these statements
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I feel that I have all of the information I need about WIC to make appropriate direct referrals to WIC.
I feel that I have adequate materials and resources to provide families so that they can connect with WIC.
I frequently make direct referrals of pregnant, postpartum and families with young children to WIC.
I frequently provide pregnant, postpartum, and families with young children materials and resources so they can connect with WIC
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What resources or materials are most helpful in referring families to WIC?
Are there certain items that are not currently available that you would like to have routinely available to you?
Do you routinely talk to families about the importance of adequate nutrition or screen for food insecurity?
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Are there any challenges you experience in trying to make direct referrals?
Are there any challenges that you hear from families about their experiences with WIC (such as difficulty with applying, getting to appointments,  dissatisfaction with the food package, shopping?)
We know some families require specific medically-needed foods. Are there families who you see whose needs are not met by the current WIC food package?
Is there anything more, positive or negative, that you’d like to share about your and your clients' experiences with WIC?
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