Wildlife Rescue Volunteer Signup Form
Please read this description carefully to understand about the volunteer programme, responsibilities and nature of work.
(Suitable for ages 21 and above.)

1. Please note that this form is to register your interest, upon which we will inform you on the next training date. Please be informed that our Wildlife Rescue training on 25th April has been postponed till further notice due to the current Covid-19 situation. As advised by MOH, organizations are to cancel or defer large-scale events as a safety precaution. . Training programme is MANDATORY to become a ACRES Wildlife Rescue Volunteer.

2. To confirm your attendance, please make an online payment of SGD50 in the link below:
https://acres.org.sg/product/wildlife-rescue-training-programme/. Once payment has been made, please print-screen the transaction and send it to us with your name and contact number for verification

2. Our 24-hour wildlife rescue hotline receives over 800 calls every month, related to wild animal sightings/in distress in Singapore. A rescue officer's role is to educate, empower public and assess the case before taking action. Being a volunteer rescue officer involves taking calls to the hotline, talking patiently to the callers, documenting information, updating the call logs, handling/containing/releasing wild animals according to ACRES's protocols. If you have a driving license, you will also be inducted to drive ACRES's rescue van (manual).

3. Proficiency in English is a must.

4. Following the theory training programme, you will be attached to two other rescue officers who will orient you in the above responsibilities before you are fledged to become a volunteer wildlife rescue officer. This may take 3-10 shifts based on cases/situations.

5. Following the theory training programme, our volunteer call-outs (emails) are sent every 20th of the month to book for available slots for the following month. For example: Call-outs sent on 20 June is to book for volunteer slots in July.

Volunteer slots are booked according to first-come-first-served basis.

There are two (2) shifts available.
1. Day Shift: 9:30am - 5.00pm (Max: 2 volunteers required)
2. Night Shift: 5.00pm - 9:30am (next day) (Max: 2 volunteers required)
Overnight shifts are at ACRES and accommodation is provided (bed and shower facilities) while you are on duty (dorm-style room for male and female volunteers).

6. Please be aware that there are three rescued mongrels at our premises who do not readily warm up to new people. No matter how cute they look and how experienced you are with dogs, please DO NOT touch or feed them. Refrain from running, screaming or approaching the dogs.

7. Only vegetarian/vegan food is allowed to be consumed when you are on duty or using ACRES vehicle (whether in or out of ACRES's premises). This means no meat or seafood.

Thank you very much for your interest, we hope to work with you soon!

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