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In every 'WHAT The Data?!' podcast episode, we try to find an inspirational person in the data and tech landscape and work with them to share their knowledge and experience with our listeners. We try to focus the episodes for our business listeners trying to increase the understanding and the communication between tech and business. We always thrive to find as diverse stories as possible, and yours would fit right in!

Lior product-focused strategist is the book author of “Data is Like a Plate of Hummus”, managing director of “Tale About Data”, Lior build a theory around data consumption linking between data and his favorite dish hummus, he thinks that we all need to Wabi-Sabi our data, kill Excel and stop using dashboards overpopulated with KPIs. He loves talking about data, machine learning, and how businesses, engineers, and analysts connect to help companies grow.

Michael tech-focused developer, is a team lead analytics at Heycar, a co-founder of StillGrove among other cool projects such as this podcast he is working on. Self-taught data engineer developer, Michael loves numbers and data. He is always open for a conversation about data, machine learning, and how these business guys can pimp the efficiency of the organization by finding the right ROI model.
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