2020 Int'l Youth Summit on Plastic Pollution- Application Form
Please complete this application to be considered for 2020 Summit!

A few things to note:
The application period will close on Nov 3rd at 11:59 pm.
We will let you know if your team has been accepted within a month of the application deadline.
We ask adults/chaperones/advisors do not complete the application - we will know if they do!
Email anika@algalita.org with any questions.

We are excited to hear about your project!
~The Algalita Team

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Please explain in 500-1000 words what your project will entail. Include one long term goal, at least 2 short term goals, who you aim to impact, anticipated challenges, a brief timeline, and anything else you'd like to include.
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Where in your project are you - planning phase, finished, or somewhere in the middle? *
We will be accepting teams at any stage of project completion :)
Share a Youtube or Vimeo link to a 30-90 second video to introduce us to your team and your project. *
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What is your team story? *
Tell us why you are applying for the summit and why your project should be selected.
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Tell us about an organization, program or individual or business that inspires you, or that you are involved with. Why is it inspirational to you? Why are you involved? *
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The summit will be held in Southern California.
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