About your experience of the High Street Heritage Action Zone Pilot
This questionnaire is to evaluate your experience of the activities and artworks that are part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone Pilot.

The organisers also ask for some information about yourself to make sure that as many demographic groups as possible are part of the survey. The answers will help us to continue organising events and activities in the future.

You do not have to take part in the survey, and you are free to skip any questions you do not want to answer. Please see below to find out how your data will be handled.

Thank you for your help!

How your data will be used
In addition to your views, we would like to collect some personal information to help us find out about the people who answer the survey - that helps us find any relationships between age, situation and viewpoints.
All full data responses will be confidential, stored securely and not shared with anybody outside the research team at Reading Borough Council. Other parties involved will receive a 'summary' version in which replies will be anonymised - replies given will not be linked either to names or to other replies in order to achieve this. After analysis, all personal data and full data responses will be deleted. Any direct quotes used in the reports produced from the data, either written or shared online, will also be fully anonymised. The survey will be open until 31st July 2021.
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Which artwork or activities did you engage with? Please tick all that apply
Did you come to the Oxford Road area specifically to engage with this artwork or activity? / Did you come to the Museum website specifically to engage with the exhibition?
Clear selection
Thinking about the activity or artwork you attended most recently, please tell us how much you agree or disagree with the following statements
1 = Strongly disagree 5 = Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
Neither agree or disagree/Unsure
Strongly agree
I had a good time
I learned something new about the heritage and history of the Oxford Road
I learned something new about the different cultures in Reading
I feel that this activity/artwork reflects the diversity, culture and heritage of the Oxford Road
The activity/artwork was easy to engage with
The activity/artwork was high quality
The activity/artwork brings Reading communities together
The activity/artwork helped to increase my pride in Reading
I feel that this activity/artwork has a positive effect on my wellbeing
I was more active because of this activity/artwork
I feel that I am helping others by engaging in this activity/artwork
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Please add any further comments on the statements above
Have you engaged in other art and cultural activities or events in the last 12 months?
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What further workshops, activities, events or artworks would you be interested in?
How did you find out about the HSHAZ Pilot Project activities and artworks?
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Please add any extra information needed to your answer above
Where do you live?
Clear selection
If you don't live in the Oxford Road area, did engaging with the activity/artwork make you want to visit again?
I wouldn't visit again
I would definitely visit again
Clear selection
How much do you agree with the statement: "I like living where I live"
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Clear selection
If applicable, how proud are you to live in Reading?
I am not proud at all
I am very proud
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