Reach on-chain natives with the DegenScore Cafe ☕️
Fill this 2-min form and your opportunity will be live in the DegenScore Cafe for on-chain users to engage with!

What is the DegenScore Cafe? ☕️
The Cafe is the go-to place where degens find, engage and curate the best on-chain opportunities. 

What is an Opportunity? 🔎
An opportunity is an action that a user can do directly on-chain, as identified by an Opportunity Scout.

Who is an Opportunity Scout? 🕵️
DAO contributor, multisig participants, project founders or even on-chain degens: anyone can submit an opportunity.

The DegenScore community (Twitter) is one of the most experienced and active crypto communities, don't miss out on engaging some of the best on-chain users for your opportunity.
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What should the user do on-chain? *
Briefly describe the action someone should do on-chain. Should the user buy, stake, deposit, mint a token or interact with a contract? 
Why should the user do this? *
Is there any immediate reason or future reward connected to this opportunity? Higher yield, more secure product, possible airdrop, a free NFT - these are all good reasons for why others should do this opportunity.
What is the URL to take action? *
This URL will be displayed prominently to the user who is interested in taking part to the opportunity.
Is there any requirement to take part in the opportunity? *
Any specific token, NFT or other requirements necessary to do this opportunity?
What contract(s) does the user interact with? [Optional]
Write one or max 3 contracts that the user interacts with for this opportunity.
Skip this question if there is no contract live yet.
Does this opportunity have a deadline? [Optional]
Select a date if the opportunity will be available only for a limited amount of time.
Your Telegram handle *
This will NOT be displayed, it's necessary for us DegenScore to know the submitter and reach out to you if necessary.
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