Government Polytechnic Barauni, Begusarai
Diploma Computer Science & Engineering ( Semester -VI)
Subject: Multimedia
Class Test
Answer all the questions.
Email address *
Expand JPEG. *
Multimedia means the use of more than one _____ in communication. *
Which compressions provide some loss of quality? *
_____ and _____ are two broad interactivity categories used in a multimedia application *
How many step process for creating a 3D animation? *
How many types of video compressions? *
_____ connects a word or phrase to another screen in a multimedia program. *
How many categories of image file compressions there? *
File format extension for animation are *.swf, *.swl and _____ *
Music and speech can be stored in the computer as _____ files. *
Mobile No. *
There are _____ main elements in multimedia. *
Movements, like objects spinning and flying acros the screen are called _____. *
Full Name (in capital letter) *
Which of the following is a computer based presentation technique? *
Conversion of a analog waves to a digital format called *
Board Roll *
Which of the following is a technique to blend two or more images to form a new image? *
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