MIT KidsBrain Studies
Thank you for your interest in participating in a study in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT!

The following information will be used only for our lab's purposes, and will not be distributed or made public in any way. The purpose of this form is to help us identify children who meet the criteria (age, gender, etc.) for various studies, and to be able to contact families as they qualify for new studies.

Please fill out a separate form for each child under the age of thirteen in your family.

Child's first name *
Please provide just your child's first name.
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Parent's/Parents' first name(s) *
You may put one or both parents' names separated by a comma.
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Telephone number
Please provide the best telephone number at which to reach you. Feel free to note whether this is a home/work/cell phone number, as well as the best time(s) to call.
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E-mail address
Please provide the best e-mail address at which to reach you. Feel free to leave more than one e-mail.
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Child's date of birth *
Please provide your child's birthdate in the format MM/DD/YYYY.
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Gender *
Please indicate your child's gender.
Prematurity *
Please note whether you child was born prematurely and, if so, how many weeks early (We consider full term to be 37 weeks or greater).
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Additional information
Please note any other information about your child that you feel might be relevant to our research.
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