OER Revisions and Ancillary Materials Creation Mini-Grant Application
Affordable Learning Georgia aims to support the sustainability of previous Textbook Transformation Grants implementations through revisions of created open educational resources or the creation of new ancillary materials for existing OER. Individuals or teams who would like to apply for an OER Revisions or Ancillary Materials Creation. Mini-grant participants do not need to be the original creators of the resource(s). While we welcome original authors to revise their original materials, the nature of open licenses allows for the revision and remixing of OER materials by anyone as long as the terms of the license are adhered to.

The final deliverable for this category is the revised or newly-created materials as proposed in the application, which will be hosted through GALILEO Open Learning Materials. All revised or newly-created materials will be made available to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY), unless the original materials were under a more restrictive license such as the inclusion of SA (Share-Alike) or NC (Non-Commercial).

For the purposes of this grant, we define revision as the major improvement of a resource through updates for accuracy, accessibility, clarity, design, and formatting. We define ancillary materials as any materials created to substantially support the instruction of a course using an existing open educational resource(s).

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Individuals can apply for mini-grants; a team is not required. If you do want to add team members to your grant, please provide the names and email addresses here.
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This is the total (in a dollar amount) of funding you are requesting for the mini-grant. There is a maximum of $4800, with a maximum of $2000 per team member and $800 for project expenses.
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Please provide a title and web address (URL) to each of the currently-existing resources that you are either revising or creating new ancillary materials for below.
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Please enter your project's budget below. Include personnel and projected expenses. The maximum amounts for the award are as follows: $4,800 maximum award, $2,000 maximum per team member, $800 maximum for overall project expenses. Unlike standard-scale and large-scale transformations, the maximum of $800 is not a required element of the budget, but rather meant primarily for the purchase of specific tools and software which would help with improving resources.
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