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A twist on the classic art-deco era of the 1920's, this year's DCON is taking a trip back to the ROARING 20's in Issaquah, WA for a weekend filled with newly enriched, and revitalized service, leadership, and fellowship!

You know all of the classics of the 20's: Gatsby, Flappers, and the Parties! This year's DCON combines a blend of celebration and fun along with the ROARING spirit of the members of our District! We want our members to feel spirited, prideful, and motivated enough to roar their impact, and make a profound difference on themselves, their clubs, and their CKI experience!

If you're interested in event planning, workshop development, decoration and design, or marketing and promotions, the District Convention 2020 Committee is the place to be!

Join Convention Chair Gloria Guizar and the team of PNW Executives to plan the greatest convention of the decade!

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