Florence High School Craft Fair Registration
Craft Fair is Dec. 14-15 from 9am -4 pm each day- Spots are not guaranteed but every effort will be made to ensure that all vendors have equal traffic flow. Please do not send requests for corners or specific setups as we cannot accommodate every special request. For any questions - please contact Erin Davidson (719)201-5629 or exabrupto77@gmail.com with questions or concerns.
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I will provide photos of my product if I have never participated in this fair before. Otherwise, we should have your photos on file. *
Booth Registration and Fees - payable to Florence Jr/Sr High School Band, 2006 hwy 67, Florence, CO 81226 *
Additional Registration Options and Fees
I will send a check or other payment to Florence Jr/Sr High School, 2006 hwy 67, Florence, CO 81226. I understand that there is a $25 fee assessed to all insufficient funds checks. *
I understand that all payments are non-refundable. *
I have read and understand all of the Florence Band Craft Fair rules, information and contract. By typing your name, you are agreeing to all rules, guidelines and contracts associated with this document. This document is on the school website www.re-2.org *
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