ARE Fall Conference Schedule, Workshop Selections, and The Making of Stone Soup
"Relationship, Commitment, and Stone Soup: Rockin' a Movement Together!"

Thank you for registering for the ARE Fall Conference!
We are excited to have a wonderful variety of presenters and programs this year!
To ensure adequate space, please select your preferred program for Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon sessions.

Saturday Morning: 10 am - Noon
“Yeah, But How Do We Do This”?: A Strategy Lab for Racial Justice Action - Chris Crass
"Deeper Work": Reducing Racial Bias - Corey Zadik
Spiritually Grounding Your Racial Justice Work through Yoga - Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd

Saturday Full Day: 10 am - 6pm
"Beyond UUs: Countering Oppression from the Inside Out" (ALL DAY PROGRAM)

Saturday Afternoon: 1 - 5pm
"Courage for Racial Justice, Courage for Collective Liberation" - Chris Crass
Addressing Intersectional White Supremacy - Jyaphia Christos-Rodgers
Transformers: More Than Meets The "Aye" => Collaboration ---> Consensus ---> Community - Amy Smith & Jim Graham

Saturday Late-Afternoon: 5 - 6pm
"Love Resists: How UUs Partner to Expand Sanctuary & End Criminalization" - Hannah Hafter

Sunday Afternoon:
1:00 - 6:00 pm Allies to Accomplices: Moving from just showing up to Showing Up Justly
1:30 - 4:30 pm Using Body Wisdom to Cultivate Just Communities - Interplay Atlanta

Conference Schedule
3:30 pm Onsite Registration Opens
5:00 pm Meet & Connect
7:00 pm Evening Program: "Deeper than the Skin"

9:00 am "We ARE" Welcome & Worship
10:00 am Morning Workshop Sessions
12:00 pm "Stone Soup and More" Lunch
1:00 pm Afternoon Workshop Sessions
5:00 pm Late Afternoon Workshop Session and/or Caucusing
6:00 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Evening Program with The Soulprint Players

9:00 am Worship at UUCA, Chris Crass preaching
10:15 am ARE Membership Meeting
11:30 am Break for lunch offsite
1:00 pm Afternoon Workshop Session: Allies to Accomplices (ends at 6pm)
1:30 pm Afternoon Workshop Session: Using Body Wisdom to Cultivate Just Communities (ends at 4:30pm)

About Stone Soup:
In many versions, the underlying theme of the Stone Soup story is that of collaboration; that with each of us bringing what we have, we can create something wonderful that nourishes us all. An old wise woman (or man) happens upon a starving village, and "teaches" the lessons of generosity, trust, and collective effort by sharing their wisdom, creativity, and patience. According to Wikipedia, it would seem the tale is primarily about "trickery": Strangers come along, wanting food, and eventually manage to fool unwitting villagers into giving up what they have, producing a nice soup for themselves. The intentions, meanings, and variations of this "parable" seem near-infinite, and are almost always tied to the place, history, culture and context in which they are told. What will our version be?

Stone Soup FAQ:
Q: Will there actually be soup?
A: Yes, for everyone!

Q: There won't really be stones in the soup, though, will there?
A: Yes, there will be stones in the soup. It would not be Stone Soup if the stones were left out of the process.

Q: How will we make Stone Soup that honors both all the participants' suggestions, and all the dietary restrictions?
A: Magic!
Also, incredibly careful planning.

Come! ROCK a movement with us!

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With the aid of "cutting edge technology", we're doing this part virtually! If you were to bring something for Stone Soup, what would it be? If you want to stick to "tradition", just see what you've got on hand right now that would go nicely in a soup. And yes, this is going to work pretty much how it looks like it's going to work. The only difference is that you won't have to bring a bag of potatoes with you... or a basil plant... or whatever it is you're about to write...
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I am bringing _______ for Stone Soup!!! (The Metaphorical Soup) *
The conference itself will be a glorious Stone Soup all its own! Please let us know what you'll be bringing with you to add to the flavor. This can be a sensibility, a skill, a sentiment, a talent, a trouble, a trinket... pretty much anything.
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