SPF International School Frankfurt Application
The Students' Philanthropic Foundation (SPF) is a charity that was founded at ISF in 2013 and now has branches at schools and universities around the world. Our mission is to support the education of children in South America and Asia through student-led fundraising. You can join SPF as a General Member or as a Division Head.

General members can get involved in any of the divisions and will work flexibly on current projects, directly collaborating with other team members.

Division Heads take on a leadership position for their division. They work together closely with the President, Vice President, and SPF’s Global Board.

More information: spfworldwide.org

Division descriptions:

1. Marketing: Maintain image and promote SPF and events to people using social media, as well as regular media.

2. Human Capital: Acquire new members, design membership structures and engage members.

3. Fundraising: Organize events to receive donations, such as bake sales, charity concerts etc. with the aim of maximizing donations and fostering relationship with sponsors.

4. Finance: Track and monitor the financial performance of individual projects and events, set up and allocate budget.
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