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If you are interested in a program or training offered by the Office of Title IX Initiatives, please complete the form below and we will follow up with you shortly! If you have additional questions or comments, please email us at
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Below you will find a list of popular programs and/or combinations that are often requested from the Title IX office as well as the general description of each program. These are suggestions that could also work well for your training based on the time allotment and the desired topics.
Title IX Basics
What is Title IX, important definitions, how the University responds to reports and the role of the Title IX office at the University.
New Policy and Regulations
Overview and update of new federal regulations and how it impacts the CMU Community.
Sexual Harassment
What it might look like, how to respond & prevent it from happening and how the Title IX office can help you.
Consent and Communication
Utilizing clear communication and setting boundaries is a piece of consent. Learn more about the barriers that can impact consent and effective ways to communicate with others.
Healthy (and not so healthy) Relationships
Everyone has their own line but learn more about identifying behaviors, noticing red flags and how you might be able to help a friend.
What are My Reporting Obligations?
 Learn more about your reporting obligations and responsibilities at the University and how you should handle Title IX concerns.
A Graduate Student's Guide to Title IX @ CMU
In this unique role, the Title IX space might impact you differently. Learn how the office can assist you and provide resources as you navigate your time at CMU.
Interactive Activity and/or Case Scenarios
In addition to the program, we can cover case scenarios and/or include an interactive activity that can help identify potentially concerning behaviors and dive deeper into important conversations on the topic.
Popular Title IX Presentation Combinations and Estimated Time - select any that you may be interested in. Program descriptions are above.
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