Psycho-geographic Walk with Amalia Pascal Sign up form.
Participants will need a mobile phone with camera and audio recording ability.
Please find details about the walk at the bottom of the form.
Once you have completed this form you will receive an email confirming your space on the walk. If once you have completed the form you are now longer able to attend please contact Faye via
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Starting at Hop Gallery: 73 Tontine Street, CT20
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About the Walk
The walk is a process-based experience that focuses on the effect of Folkestone’s geographical location on the emotions and behaviours of individuals. Through this walk, we will be able to listen other’s memories and knowledge and create an archive (audio and images) based on our experiences of specific Folkestone based memories.
Outline of the Walk
Part one
Meet at a location (to be confirmed once you have signed up)
Brief introduction and instructions by Amalia Pascal
The group is divided into sub-groups.
Each sub-groups receive bag of materials eg a bags of sharpies, recorder, microphone, paper, rope, glue, chalks, pencil, eraser.
Each sub-group is given their task for the walk either photographing, recording audio ect.

Part two
Amalia will lead us on on a psychogeographic walk route
Each sub-group carries out tasks in creating maps/recordings/photographs and collecting objects
As we walk participants are encouraged to share knowledge and experiences of Folkestone

Part three
The walk will end at Hop Project’s Gallery (73 Tontine Street) Work at Hop Projects’s Gallery.
Here we will discuss and reflect on the experiences of the walk and and the archives.

The objects/maps/recordings created on the walk be show at exhibition at the end of the Amalia’s residency week alongside works created at the other workshops. The exhibition will take place at Hop Projects Gallery from 21st to 30th June.
Image from a Psychogeographic Walk with Amalia Pascal in April
Photograph from a walking workshop by Amalia in April as part of her research week. Amalia took us on a walk around Folkestone asking participants to illustrated the memories and emotions felt on the walk and collectively create a ‘Psychogeographic Map’ of these shared memories and emotions. This walk will take a similar format.
About Amalia Pascal, Prescient Pool and Hop Projects CT20
Amalia Pascal is an artist that specialises in the management of cultural projects that connect different communities and cultural organisations in relation to artistic mediation, art, and heritage. Reactivating social dynamics using art, dialogue as creative tool through collaborative propositions. Encouraging experience and creating safe places where art practice and communities can co-develop, reflect and signify the inhabited place with project processes based on local traditions and collaboration.

This workshop is part of series of workshops by Amalia Pascal as part a larger Project titled Prescient Pool (PP) run by Hop Projects CT20. PP is a programme of publicly engaged art with commissions from 3 outstandings artists reinterpreting on-going archives of local heritage and oral history in Folkestone. Artists include Joff Insole, Jacob Bray and Amalia Pascal.
PP collaborates with Pavement Pounders CIC, and invites local and international artists to re-interpret the work of local organisation Pavement Pounders, who since 2010 collected memories spoken, written & visual of Folkestone by its people.

PP is a curate programme of public events: workshops, talks, performance, walks and exhibitions, taking place between April - September 2019, allowing the public to be an active participant in the process of art production. As a catalyst, PP aims to raise the public’s awareness of the rich local heritage in Folkestone, and to allow fresh interpretations of what it means by ‘place’ and ‘locality’ as a cultural production, and a common ground between different cultures and ethnicities.
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