Fire Blast Trailer
Fire Blast trailer check in / Check out Form
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Trailer connections condition *
Condition of trailer doors and walls (damaged?) *
Trailer locks in working order and functional
Visual inspection of Tires *
Air Brakes Checked before departure
Stairs on Rear of trailer present and /or secured before departure
Propane level at least 70 PSI *
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Generator fuel level *
Smoke machine Fluid level *
Smoke Generator operational *
CO monitor was calibration verified
Peeps were evaluated and inspected for defect
Air compressor functional and found with no leaks
Thermal temp sensors were inspected and tested individually and activated the exhaust fan
Roof Prop in working order (no leaks on the cylinders, Welds are intact, and operates) *
Trailer Damaged or Items broke *
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Post inspection test burn completed
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