A New Era Has Begun. We Fight With #RevolutionaryLove. Are You In?
On the first day of the new administration, 3+ million people marched in the largest protests in US history. We are ready to resist the laws and policies that threaten our lives and shared future.

But we cannot do it the old way. We cannot mirror the same rage and vitriol that we oppose. This way of fighting will not sustain us or heal our nation. That’s why I believe Revolutionary Love is the call of our times.

Love is not a passing feeling; it is an act of will. It is the choice to extend our will for the flourishing of others and ourselves. That means showing up to fight for those threatened by laws, policies, and hate violence -- with our voices, our pens, our phones, our feet in the streets. It means refusing to demonize our opponents but instead working to change the cultures and institutions that allow them to hurt us. And it means loving ourselves enough to practice the wellness and joy we want for the world.

How do we practice Revolutionary Love in an era defined by fear and rage? Together.

My team and I will send you reflections, readings, and calls to action coordinated with the broader movement -- calling Congress, joining local and national gatherings, and more. Are you in?

Valarie Kaur
Director, Revolutionary Love Project - revolutionarylove.net
Founder, Groundswell Movement - groundswell-movement.org

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