DA Membership DB Certification
Please take the following quiz and fill in your sign up information. Once you're certified, we'll set you up to be able to manage the DA Membership DB.
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(This is a requirement. If you haven't signed, please go here to fill it in now: https://wiki.democratsabroad.org/display/ZORA/Confidentiality+Agreement)
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(This is a requirement prior to having membership DB access.)
Membership Certification Quiz
1. Who can access and edit the database for DA members in your country or chapter? *
2. Select all the answers that are true regarding membership *
3. How can you search for a member? *
4. How are new members approved? *
5. How do you edit a member's information? *
6. How does the last verified date function? Select all that are true *
7. When do you delete a member? *
8. How do you move a member to another country? *
9. What format should be used for phone numbers for all new/updated members? *
10. How do you add new members to the database ('join' them)? *
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