Expression of interest: academic time and motion study
We are looking for participants in a project to reassess the contemporary academic workload models. Workload models were developed in the 80s and 90s which no longer suit our hyper connected academic workplaces. Digital technology allows academics to work anywhere, anytime, which is causing a crisis of over work. We would like to measure the social and human cost of this work.

Our research method will involve gathering ‘time and motion’ data, using a program which runs in the background of your computer as you work. This software can be adapted to track your time spent in various programs or websites, such as your email client. Data about time spent away from the keyboard, in meetings and teaching, can be easily added to this automatically captured data to create a wholistic picture of how you spend your time at work.

We hope to see how many hours people are actually working and how this does (or doesn’t) correspond with assumptions made in workload planning. The NTEU is sponsoring this research to inform their enterprise bargaining work around the country.

We are looking for Academics working in Australian Universities at level C (senior lecturer) and D (Associate Professor) on the academic payscale who use a Mac (either laptop or desktop) to do the majority of their computer based work.

We aim to collect our first round of data in a six week period in April and May 2019. This initial collection will enable us to refine our methods and will be followed by at least one follow up period data collection period and an interview. This project is being part funded by the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) and the developers of the ‘Timing’ app for Mac ( This project has ethics approval from Griffith University (GU Ref No: 2019/161).

What we are looking for at the moment is expressions of interest in the project and its aims. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and one of the researchers will contact you to further explain the technical design of the project and its parameters.

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