Activists Taking Action on the Climate Crisis (ATACC)
Many of us recognize the need to go beyond personal efforts to address the climate crisis. In order to make it possible for all of us to have the most impact, we are creating the Activists Taking Action on the Climate Crisis (ATACC) database. This will be used to notify you of the opportunities to act in the ways you are most comfortable.

Two examples: (1) If you check “Attend gov’t meetings/hearings to support climate change initiatives” below, we would notify you of local or state government meetings where climate change related legislation or proposals are being considered. (2) If you check “Attend events, rallies and/or demonstrations” you will be notified if Sierra Club shows a climate awareness film near you.

This database will be used only for this purpose and will not be shared with any groups or organizations.

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Write letters-to-the-editor for local or regional newspapers
Attend events, rallies, and/or demonstrations
Help organize climate education and awareness events
Lobby my local, state, and federal gov’t on climate issues by phone or email
Use my talents to create posters, photos and other media
Participate in non-violent direct action (NVDA) (**I am willing to risk arrest.)
Participate in non-violent direct action (NVDA) (**I am NOT willing to risk arrest but will provide support.)
Help create and/or maintain social media efforts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Attend gov’t meetings/hearings to support climate change initiatives
Help with local organizing
Provide financial support to local groups when needed
Speak to community groups or organizations about the climate crisis
Help ATACC stay aware of articles, events, actions, gov’t meetings, etc.
Sign petitions (online, paper, etc.)
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