Pieteikums Greenalize: Food Edition - Jauniešu apmaiņai Nīderlandei [4-13 Dec 2017]
Pieteikties var jebkurš jaunietis vecumā no 18 līdz 30 gadiem, jāpiedalās visās projekta aktivitātēs no 4-13 decembrim. Dzīvošanas un ēdināšanas izdevumi tiek segti, ceļa izdevumi tiks kompensēti 270EUR apmērā.

Par projektu:
With this youth exchange we want not only to share food cultures of different countries, but also to open dialogue about “What does it mean to eat healthy? How the food we eat is produced? What is healthy for us?”. We are going to debate and provoke critical thought so that the participants form their own opinion around the topic. We are going to talk about food production, processing, trade, food waste, involving different stakeholders so that to gain different perspectives on healthy food.
The youth exchange is going to achieve the following specific objectives:
- Raise awareness about healthy food, foster critical thinking around the topic of the exchange;
- Share food cultures, exchange international perspectives about the topic, develop an intercultural competence, understanding of different cultures and appreciation of diversity;
Improve social and civic competence of participating youth;
- Foster communication of youth and stakeholders;
- Develop the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and encourage young people to become more active in their communities;
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