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캐나다한인교향악단(Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra) 는 1987년 창단하여 토론토 한인 전문 교향악단으로 성장하여 활발한연주 활동을 펼쳐왔습니다. 이는 세계 한인 이민 역사상 긴 이력을 자랑하는 교향악단이었습니다. 토론토 무대에 조수미, 홍혜경, 김동규, 윤홍천 등의 유명 한인 음악인, 탈북 피아니스트 김철웅, 여러 훌륭한 국악 연주가들을 선보였고, 현지 젊은 음악인들의 무대를 선보이기도 하였습니다.

2016년 교향악단은 캐나다 한인음악협회 (Korean Canadian Chamber Concerts) 라는 이름으로 실내악 연주 시리즈로 재편성되었습니다. 많은 젊은 한인 음악인들이 음악을 통해 감동을 주었고 대한민국의 이름을 빛냈습니다.

음악을 사랑하는 한민족의 정서를 그대로 담아 2019년 새롭게 한인교향악단을 창단합니다. 오케스트라 선율을 통해 서로 교감하고 많은 이들에게 감동을 선사할 여러분을 찾습니다. 음악을 전공하였지만 연주할 곳을 찾지 못하신 분, 이민와서 바쁜 삶 가운데 음악을 잊고 사신 분, 음악을 통해 한인의 정체성을 찾기를 원하는 분, 음악을 사랑하고 함께 화음을 맞추기를 원하시는 모든 분들을 환영합니다.

The Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra began in 1987 when many young, talented musicians came together under the guidance of Professor Seung-soon Kim. The orchestra was the first of its kind and something unseen in other immigrant communities around the world. With its long history, the Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra is a semi-professional group has became the pride of the Korean Canadian community in Toronto. The orchestra has shared the Toronto stage with famous musicians such as Sumi Jo, Hye Kyung Hong, Dong Gyu Kim, Hong Chun Yun, and so forth, North Korean pianist Chul Woong Kim and other great Korean traditional music performers. Further, under the direction of Music Director, Richard Lee, a foundation was built to help the development and eventual launch onto the global stage of rising stars such as Judy Kang, Lucille Chang, Dennis Kim, Elissa Lee, the Jung Trio, Soo Bae, Daniel DQ Lee, and so forth. Further, the orchestra has served as a platform to showcase local and emerging talented musicians such as Donna Lee, Sharon Lee, Sunny Hyoseon Kim, Jihye Kee, and Ensembles and to encourage the growth of students who have the potential to become future stars such as Joanne Lee, San Rim and so many more.

Unfortunately, due to the declining interest in classical music and the deterioration of sponsorships, the orchestra has been reorganized and has, up until now, been playing a series of chamber music performances. In the last two years, Korean Canadian Chamber Concerts has become a performance space where professional Korean and immigrant musicians are able to meet and continue to play music.

We know that many talented Korean musicians remain around us so we are beginning attempts to rebuild the Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra, to make it a source of pride in our society as before. If you are a music major with a desire to participate in the production of orchestral melodies and you have a willingness to contribute to the cultural development of the Korean Canadian community, please do not hesitate to audition and join us!

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캐나다한인교향악단 Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra
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