2021-2022 Grade 12 Post-High School Plan and Forecasting Form
Counselors will use this form to better understand your Post-High School Goals and to register you for your classes next year. Please consult with your math teacher for math placement. We are asking you to choose 12 electives from any category selected in priority order. You will not get all of these classes (some will be back ups). Use the forecasting form and the course catalogue to read course descriptions. We will fill in your electives from these choices based on how much room you have in your schedule after the required core classes are filled. Don't forget you do need 2 semesters of PE for graduation so if you haven't already fulfilled this requirement, please select at least one semester of PE.
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My favorite plan so far after high school is: (ie. going to PCC, attending culinary school, joining the military, going to 4 year college, etc.) *
In six years I want to be: *
To do that, I need to complete the following education/training… *
To get into that education program/training, I need to meet these requirements… *
My goals for senior year and this year are… (ie. GPA goal, specific pathway goal, etc.) *
To reach my goals, I need to keep doing or start doing these things… *
I need a little more help with future planning, please schedule an appointment to talk with me about this. The best way to contact me is: *
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Transcript English - If you have failed a semester or more of English in the past and have not recovered it yet, please choose this semester class *
Math - 3 years of math is Required and Algebra 2 is required for 4 year college. Please consult your math teacher if you have questions, we do have a list of recommendations by teachers and your placement may get changed if you do not meet the requirements for a specific class. *
Math Support Options
Science -3 years is required for graduation. If you are planning on University please note that they may require at least 2 of the following: Physics, Chemistry, or Biology *
Health 2 is Required for graduation *
Government - Required *
Economics -Required *
A world language is not required for graduation, but 2 years of the same language is typically required for most 4 year colleges. Would you like to take Spanish or French? *
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