PWiC - New local Chapter kick-off
Welcome to Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC)! We are a global community of women in STEM fields hailing from Pakistan and their global allies, with the aim of collaborating, growing, inspiring, celebrating, mentoring and creating opportunities for each other.

A local Chapter is an on-ground community - preferably covering a city (or in some cases, a handful of cities depending on the geography)  - that is brought together under the flag of PWiC with the common and focused mission of growing, learning and connecting women and other under-represented groups in that area. This is the basic building block and the most crucial piece in making up the foundation of the whole organization.

Each local chapter is internally made up of a strong, committed and passionate team and team leader(s) with a community of people behind them. It should have a well-defined mission of their own, plus short term and long term goals and plans contributing to the broader vision of Pakistani Women in Computing (in some way).

So thanks and kudos to you for stepping up and volunteering for the critical role of a Chapter Lead. As a Chapter Lead, you will be in the driver seat and responsible for the management, organization, operations and leadership of your local chapter and team.
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