MRT Forest Line extension station claim form (F28 - F41)
This is the form where you request a desire to own a station upon opening of the Forest Line's eastern extension from F27 (Marblegate) to F41 (Foobar).

You can only request for ONE, ONLY ONE, station. Multiple claims will be denied immediately (Except on F29 which is explained later).

Stations will be chosen on a merit basis (i.e how well you have been on the server), How many towns you have/had and their status and in a short sentence why do you want that station.

Players can also bid for F29 on the condition that the town mayors of F28 and F30 do not want to extend their towns to that location. This due to their proximity to each other. They have first priority. There will be an option of interest of F29 as well. If selected you must provided an additional reason to why you want that station.

Final decision's on stations will be made by Just_robinho with the help of the rest of the staff.

Please answer all questions provided.

Here is an image of the extension planned:

Forest line extension map
Minecraft Username *
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MRT Rank (If Staff put town Rank) *
Please list all towns you own or have owned, their location (MRT station or Co-ordinates) and their current status (Rank and/or disowned). If disowned, please state why. *
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What station would you like to bid for? *
Please give a short reason why you want that station. *
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Are you also interested in F29? *
If Yes, please give an additional short reason why you want that station (If No, write "N/A"). *
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