** Recruiting Volunteers for Jail Support, Legal Observing, and Remote Opportunities **

Michigan Liberation, in coalition with the Detroit Bail Project and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is requesting volunteer support during the protests.


This includes: handing out supplies; disseminating educational materials; de-escalating tense situations with cops; keeping eyes and recording observations; getting names and birthdays of protestors who are arrested.

This includes: providing water, snacks, care, and information to protestors who are arrested; collecting information from protestors as they are released.

This includes: supply drop-offs, rides, and mobile ground support.

This includes: organizing data, making follow-up calls, monitoring social media, sharing information remotely.


We need volunteers who are calm and do well under stress for the street team. We need volunteers who are down to be up late and provide care on the jail team. If you have any special training or skills (medical, legal, social work, etc.) please indicate this when you fill out the form. We will get your full name and date of birth in case of arrest, and provide support if you are arrested while volunteering.

Yes, if we don't know you, we will call you to vet you. We are worried about white supremacist infiltrators. We will prioritize people joining this effort who have an existing relationship to Michigan Liberation, NLG, and/or the Detroit Bail Project.

PLEASE NOTE: We are overwhelmed by the number of people interested in volunteering. We are currently backlogged, and we thank you for your patience as we vet and onboard new volunteers!
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If you can, please choose an account that is public. We are using this information as part of our vetting process.
How are you connected to Michigan Liberation, NLG, and/or the Detroit Bail Project? Do you know any one volunteering with us?* *
Are you a white ally? If so, are you willing to be closer to police interactions? It is okay if you aren't, we need lots of volunteers to fill different roles. * *
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Any other questions or information for us? Do you have any other skills you want to share?
Thank you! We will get in touch with you soon to provide information on training, shifts, and other ways you can support. Please stay close to your email and we will be in touch soon.
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