The TMDL Approach in River Water Quality Preservation-Registration Form
The pollution load control approach is important for river water quality preservation. Only by addressing the quality and quantity of the effluent discharge, as well as the attributes of the receiving water body can pollution be prevented. This is imperative in view of impending river pollution cases in Malaysia and in light of emerging challenges such as climate change. Load control strategies include improving treatment efficiency, effluent reuse and recovery, load reassignment and many others.
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Seminar fee shall be paid to BENDAHARI UMP via cheque, bank draft and local order (for Malaysian participant). Please send a copy of payment receipt to TMDL secretariat. No refund will be given for cancellation, but replacement is accepted.
Payment via Bank Transfer should be made to the following bank :
Bank account name: Bendahari UMP
Bank Account or IBAN #: 556235301457

Copy of your payment receipt should be sent via email to or by fax to 09-5493347.

For any inquiries, kindly contact TMDL Secretariat : 09-5493017/3018/3348

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