This is a short questionary intended for the research phase of my upcoming dance production ALGORITHMIC BODIES. Through this investigation we seek to further understand our merging with technology in all areas of life and how this is redefining our self-perception and sense of "hyper-connectivity" aiming to characterize the digital body and our sense of post digital identity. Focusing on the individual and personal thoughts and experiences. Your answers and information will be handled with care and discretion.

Have fun and thank you so much!!!

Marcelo Doño
Did you grow up with access to the internet?
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How present would you say internet access and digital media was in your life growing up?
How would you say the access to internet, or the lack of, affected your childhood?
Do you currently use social media/dating sites? Why/Why not?
How much time daily would you say you use social media?
What is your main intention when engaging in digital social interaction?
Does your work require you to have a digital presence?
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Do you feel the need to have a digital presence in your personal life? Please explain.
Do you think that in the process of creation of your digital persona something was gained/lost? (curating of social accounts, dating profiles, etc.)
Did your body, and the way it expresses itself, change in this process? If so, how?
Do you believe there is a discrepancy between digital and IRL (In Real Life) interaction?
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Have you ever thought about leaving social media/deleting your social media accounts? If so, what stopped you from going through with it?
How do you think today's hyperconnectivity and social platforms changed the way we relate with each other?
In which way(s) do you think this new medium (further) enabled and/or disabled you?
If you would like to share: What was your best/worst experience through digital interaction?
Last Thoughts? :)
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