TMAA Sight Reading Revision Committee Survey
This committee was formed two years ago to study the current sight reading process and hopefully develop a new evaluation system that would:

1. More closely resemble the procedures used to learn a new piece of music in the typical classroom setting.

2. Allow the director and ensemble flexibility in the procedures/methods used while learning a new piece of music without unnecessary restrictions or guidelines.

3. Measure individual and ensemble skills when an ensemble learns a new piece of music in a limited time frame. This new evaluation format is not intended to measure "true" sight reading skills.

This survey is to be completed by music educators who currently participate in the UIL Concert & Sight Reading Evaluation and will be used to provide valuable feedback to the committee concerning possible future changes to our current UIL Evaluation format.

There has been much discussion, and sometimes misinformation, concerning this new evaluation process, so please go to and read the latest committee update prior to starting the survey.

I have reviewed the proposed updates to the sight-reading instruction process found on the TMAA website at *
As a director of an ensemble, how many years have you participated in the UIL Concert & Sight Reading Evaluation? *
What is the classification of your school? *
What is the primary division you teach? *
I believe the current sight-reading instruction process should be updated. *
A score study period for the director is important in the new evaluation system? *
What amount of time would be sufficient for the director score study period? *
I would like there to be one instructional/rehearsal period. *
How long should the instructional/rehearsal period last? *
I would like the instructional/rehearsal period to more closely resemble how my ensemble would learn a new piece of music in the classroom. Therefore, at the director's discretion, the students should be permitted to practice the music individually, in small groups or as a full ensemble (director led or not). *
During the instruction period, the director and students should be permitted to sing parts and/or count, clap and tap rhythms. *
During the instruction/rehearsal period, the director should NOT be permitted to play a wind, string or keyboard instrument. *
The use of verbal counting to initiate the performance SHOULD NOT disqualify an ensemble. *
According to UIL guidelines, judges are supposed to only evaluate the performance, so one judge will remain in the room during the instruction/rehearsal period to ensure compliance with the procedures. The other two judges will return to evaluate the performance. *
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