Knox Lab Rescue Foster Application
This application will be reviewed by the staff and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss available dogs and to set up a home visit.
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Have you owned a dog before? *
If you had a dog previously, what happened to it?
Please list any other animals that reside in the home along with type, age, and sex.
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Are your pets current on rabies and vaccines?
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Do you give any heart worm prevention to your pets?
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Are all of your other dogs spayed or neutered?
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Do your current dogs get along well with other dogs?
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Where will the foster beduring the day? Please be specific. *
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Will your foster be an inside or outside dog? *
How many hours will the foster be alone during the day? *
If you foster a young dog, they will only be able to hold their urine for a few hours at a time. To make housebreaking a success, someone will need to be home to let the puppy out to potty every few hours. If you are working, will you have someone that can stop by your house and walk your puppy? *
Where will the dog stay during the night? (please be specific) *
Will you foster a dog/puppy that needs to be housebroken? *
Will you foster a dog that needs obedience training? *
Do you have a fenced in yard? If so, height? If not, how will you confine your foster to your property? *
Please describe the exercise plan you have for your foster? *
Any preferences on gender or age? (Check all that you are interested in) *
Are you interested in fostering towards adoption?
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Is there a specific dog you are interested in who is currently in our rescue?
Will you allow one of our staff to come to your home and do a home visit prior to fostering? *
Sometimes rescues do not get adopted for several weeks after going into foster care. Puppies are usually in foster care for 2-4 weeks. Older rescues might need medical care like heartworm treatment before they get adopted. How long are you willing to foster a dog? *
I acknowledge that all the information on this form is true and correct. I understand that any misrepresentation of fact may result in the removal of the adopted dog from my home by Knox Lab Rescue. (please put names and dates)
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