Comprehensive Needs Assessment Budget Development for 2018-2019 [Parent Input]
The following NEEDS ASSESSMENT is a tool to gather input from stakeholders in the development of the Categorical Budget for the 2018 - 2019 school year. This information will be taken into consideration by the School Site Council who will make the final decision on the budget.
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LAUSD is committed to achieving the 100% graduation rate goal. Which of the following item(s) do you think administrators need to focus on in order to support this commitment? Check all that apply. *
One of the district's goals is proficiency for all. Which of the following item(s) do you think the instructional support staff [Categorical Program Advisor and Intervention Support Coordinator] could provide towards achieving this goal? Check all that apply. *
The district's goal is 100% student attendance. Which of the following supports do you feel we need to achieve this goal? Check all that apply. *
Which of the following classified positions do you think the school needs in order to support the district's goals for (1) increasing parent engagement and (2) proficiency for all? Check all that apply. *
Reflecting on the school's overall instructional program, what professional development opportunities do you feel the staff needs? Check all that apply. *
In order to further support proficiency for all, make recommendations for additional items that should be considered. Prioritize the following items 1-9 with 1 having the highest priority. *
Rank the items in order of priority. '1' = Highest Priority to '9' =Lowest Priority
Attend conferences
Purchase Technology
Curricular Trips
Auxillaries to reduce class size
Education Aide/Teacher Assistant
Teacher X-Time for After school intervention
Staff Training Rate for Co-Planning and Data Analysis
Teacher Release Time for Peer Observations
Software for Reading (Accelerated Reader)
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