Disk Decipher Feature Requests
If you are interested in one (or more) of the features listed below, then please enter your name and e-mail address and check the features in which you are interested. This allows me to assign priority to the most requested features, and to keep you informed when a feature is completed.

If you are interested in a feature which is not listed below, then please send me an e-mail and I will add it to this page.
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Ext4 filesystem support
SugarSync support
Add SugarSync remote storage provider, similar to Dropbox
NFS support
Add remote storage provider to access disks stored on a NFS server
Non-trusted SSL certificates
Option to accept non-trusted SSL certificates
Disk encryption password cache
Option to cache a disk encryption password in the keyring. This feature has been added to the main app, the same needs to be done for the iOS File Provider.
Disk format parameters cache
When mounting a container the hash function and ciphers used need to be determined. This feature would store the result of this detection (the algorithms used by the container) in the keychain to speed up future mounts.
Launch URL
Register a URL with iOS to allow other apps to launch Disk Decipher and open a specific container
Show small tiles in directory list
Now that Disk Decipher has the tiles layout view, it is possible to add (small) tiles in the details list view for image files (instead of the file icon)
Sort options
Folder sorting asc/desc by name/date/size
Mac encrypted sparse bundles
A Mac disk encryption format
Support iOS drag and drop
Add drag support in addition to the existing drop support
File Provider write support
File provider Touch ID / Face ID unlock support
File provider persistent file references
File provider "Confirmation required" popup
if that decrypted data security policy setting is enabled
Create new Veracrypt encrypted volume
Currently you need a Mac/Windows/Linux PC to create a new Veracrypt container. This feature would allow you to create a new container inside the app.
Support file level encryption schemes
The filesystem is provided unencrypted by the storage provider. Possible examples are zip/7z, cryfs and gocrypfs.
Audio playback in background
Continue playback of audio when app is backgrounded
Delete directory
Move file within container
Search items in container
Search bar
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