7th Grade Parent Survey
This is a survey about students to be filled out by parents. It is a means to gain more in-depth information about your child's learning needs and personality. Please, take 5 minutes to answer the following questions.
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What grade is your child enrolled in, this year? *
Would you say your child enjoys ART? *
What is your child's favorite subject, at school?
Would you say your child is easily discouraged by constructive criticism? *
Would you say your child is able to focus on a creative task for a long period of time? *
Would you say your child's work habits are neat and tidy? *
Would you say your child works slowly? *
Do you or your child believe that you have to be born with natural talent to be successful in art? *
Would you say your child is able to draw fairly realistically?
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What kind of personality would describe your child? (Check all that apply) *
Is your child a good self-advocate? Does he/she ask for help or directions, check his/her own progress, or speak-up when required? *
If you wanted Mrs. Vejar to know ONE THING about your child, what would it be?
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