Affected Landowners: Proposed Carbon Pipelines (Summit, Navigator, Tallgrass)
Fill out the form below if you are a landowner in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, or Illinois who has received a letter, telephone call, or other outreach about surveying or negotiating an easement for a proposed "carbon / CO2 pipeline" by a company called Summit Carbon Solutions, Navigator CO2 Ventures, or Tallgrass Energy Partners.

We'll provide information to keep you in the loop about these proposed projects, which pose numerous safety hazard, environmental, and land use issues -- and help you understand your rights as a landowner. *Please also share this form with neighbors and other landowners you believe might be affected.*

We'll also provide opportunities to learn about how joining with other landowners who are opposed to selling easements -- by hiring the same legal representation as a group -- can bring benefits both to you, and to the group as a whole, like joining a co-op. Our group is also organizing with groups in other states representing affected landowners and Tribal Nations where these pipelines would cross (Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas & Illinois).

(Example: A group of nearly 100 landowners on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route who formed a co-op called the "Nebraska Easement Action Team" and challenged eminent domain in court are now seeing those easement contracts cancelled and land returned to them by the pipeline company.)

If you reside within Nebraska, we will connect you with the Nebraska Easement Action Team. If you're in Iowa, SD, ND, Minnesota or Illinois, we will connect you with a local group in your state that is leading the landowner organizing there.
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